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Many tourists who are coming to Sri Lanka had considered it a part of a paradise. Sri Lankan cuisines are tasty.

Ayurveda – The treatments of Ayurveda Sri Lankan medical practice of medicine dating back to 2500 years. It is most strongly identified with Sri Lanka and also tourists are coming for the sole purpose of taking Ayurvedic treatments for certain illnesses. There are reputed Ayurveda hospitals and reputed Ayurvedic doctors in in Sri Lanka practices this system of medicine with absolute dedication. There is a big difference between a relaxing oil massage and proper therapy so in the event you want more than a little pampering you need to go to the right place to get it. ‘Ayurveda’ is not just a form of medication that locals swear by, it is a way of life known to generations of Sri Lankans for over 2500 years. It is a gentle method of treating the root cause of illness of both mind and body. This holistic form of therapy utilizes diet, herbs, oils, animal products, yoga, and meditation to heal and rejuvenate both the body and mind.

Meditation – In Sri Lanka meditation is popular and foreigners are arriving in Sri Lanka specially to find mediation teachers and meditation centers. Sri Lanka has many meditation centers located in various parts of the island. The main forms of meditation parries at these centers are Theravada Buddhism which emphasizes the meditative development of mindfulness and concentration. and the Vipassana style of Meditation. Sri Lanka is blessed with the Therawada Buddhsima and its mediation involves the exercies of psychological discipline in order to transcend from the automatic thinking mind into a deeper state of relaxation or consciousness which entails focusing on one single point of dereference. Buddhist mediation can help you to lead a more productive, satisfying, healthy and comfortable life. Sri Lankan Buddhist Meditation is a tourist attraction for Sri Lanka travel and Sri Lanka holiday.

Yoga – There various Yoga Teaching centers in Sri Lanka and tourists are arriving for the purpose of studying Yoga exercise in Sri Lanka. Yoga has become all the rage, spawning yoga studios, clothing lines and for some proponents an entire life style. Magic behind this discipline of poses and controlled breathing is truly beneficial form of exercise. Yoga in fact be good for adults of all ages especially old people. Studies have shown that yoga can be extremely helpful when it comes to combating stress, fatigues and pain. Some yoga poses increase core strengths and balances which reduces the risk of fall related injuries. Other poses can alleviate old age related health issues such as menopause. Above all yoga is a form of exercises that can help old people feel younger. You can find lot of reputed yoga centers and yoga teachers in Sri Lanka.