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The secret of the tourist attraction in Sri Lanka is its smiling people. The spice addicted cricket crazy and tea drinking people of Sri Lanka famed for discipline. People are enriched with the Buddhist culture and fear of sins and never kills or wound even animals. Sri Lanka produces best tea and spices in the world. Gems specially blue sapphires is synonymous with Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is reputed for exporting crafted ivory to many countries in Europe. Many arts crafted by local arties can be seen in museums evidence of the ancient local skills which still to be seen.

Sri Lanka is composed with majority being Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burgers. Sri Lanka has variety of religious festivals and celebrations throughout the year. Every month thee are celebrations either religious or cultural importance making Sri Lanka one of the countries with highest number festivals, celebrations and also holidays. Sri Lankan cultural and religious festivals are a tourist attraction for Sri Lanka travel and Sri Lanka holiday.

The Sinhala-Tamil New Year Celebrations is the most significant cultural festival in Sri Lanka. This festival begins with the end of harvesting season. Traditional delicacies are made by the people to celebrate this event. In the month of May full Moon Poya Day falls the Vesak festival which is the most important religious festival mark the birth englightment and ( Passing away ) Parinibbana of Lord Buddha. Sri Lanka people of every religion crowd the streets to enjoy the Vesak decorations including pandals and lanterns and places where people are fed with free meals are in the roads. In Kandy during the month of August Esala festivals is celebrated with a maginficient cultural pageant and in Kataragama devotees use fire walking to show their faith on Lord Kataragama. The Kandy Esala Perahera or the Dalada Perahara is the largest cultural parade in the World.