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Sri Lanka is separated from India by just fifty kilometer wide Palk Strait. Sri lanka is full of beautiful landscapes, rising mountains, lush green forest, reservoirs, and gushing waterfalls. The Central highlands of Sri Lanka are filled with picturesque of stirring mountains carpeted with lush green tea gardens.

The highest gorgeous mountain is the 2524 meter high Pidurutalagala near Nuwara Eliya and the longest river is the magnificence Mahaweli river which courses from the centre and falls into the Indian Ocean at Trincomalee. Valuable trees such as Ebony, teak, silkwood and spectacular orchids can be found in the south-western tropical rain-forests. Sri Lanka is an important seasonal home to migrating birds, including flamingoes, who flock to the lagoons, wetlands and bird sanctuaries during the northern winter.

In the North of Sri Lanka landscape changes are apparent and there are colorful Hindu temples replace the white pagodas while sari clad damsels roam the streets on bicycles.

Capital of Colombo is in the Western Province and it is the commercial hub and also you can view the colonial heritage

Bevis Bava a well known artist ‘s garden is aesthetically laid out on a five acres of land and model for lush vegetation. Tropical tress, plants and sculptures it is a well worth the trip in the event you are a nature lover.