Culture and history are two of the most important factors that goes on to make this delightful country picturesque and tremendously exciting.  A country rich in legacy and customs is one of the most sought after destinations in Asia. The people of this land possess exceptional principles that are modest, creative, charming and endearing, and are a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society.  They are internationally renowned for their warmth, friendliness and never failing hospitality, fun loving and smile even during the midst of strife.

Wherever you travel, from north to south, to east to west and the central hills, the hospitality offered by the people are truly remarkable.  This nature is unique to this country and something you will not come across anywhere else in the universe.  Obtain flights to Sri Lanka for your next vacation to understand its people and feel the difference.  If you are alone and have lost your way, you can ask someone for directions, they will gladly come to your assistance and direct you to your destination.  The kindness, warmth and friendliness exuded by the nation are genuine and they love to entertain even strangers, in their homes.

If you go to someone’s house in the city or village you will find them coming out with a welcoming smile, love to offer you a hearty meal and the traditional cup of tea, if you refuse their hospitality it will seem like a snub and the people will get offended.  The friendliness of the nation virtually appears to be an art to someone who visits the country for the first time.If you are travelling alone, nothing will move you more deeply than the thoughtfulness of strangers, who extend a warm welcome and enrich your travel throughout this beautiful island.

Hospitality is second to nature and seems to be a much-loved national hobby as you will find it wherever you travel in sri lanka.This nature is simply unique to the people this wonderful country from the rich to the poor, city dweller to villager, there’s nothing to surpass it.  Make a visit to this magnificent country where you will be warmly welcome and ensure that the word hospitality is redefined.