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Travel Guide and Tips

On behalf of Travelwind Holiday Sri Lanka, we would like to take this opportunity to enlighten you on a few essentials you would want to consider regarding this amazing island that you have journeyed so far to see.



There are many mosquitoes around Sri Lanka, therefore always apply repellents around dusk (the time when mosquitoes get into their stride). Keep windows and doors closed and wear light clothing (mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours), covering wrists and ankles, regularly.


The voltage in Sri Lanka is 230-240 volts. Never handle an electrical appliance when wearing a wet costume or standing in water.


There will be a red flag flying when the sea is too rough for swimming .The undercurrent can be very strong therefore please pay close attention to these flags. Always wade in the water first to ensure your confidence.

Dress Code

Whenever entering the hotel, clothing should be strictly adhered to. Women should not be seen entering the hotel in swimwear and men should always have their chest covered. Shoes should also be worn. It is not permitted for ladies to bathe topless or in thongs in the beach or pool area.


It is not advisable to drink tap water, as the mineral content is generally too high. Mineral water can be purchased easily in any small store (though we would advise you to pay a close attention to the expiry date).

The Sun

Although the sun looks extremely appealing, please take great care of the strong rays. Regularly apply sun tan lotion and a maximum of 10 minutes should be spent under direct sun on your first day. A suntan that is gained slowly will be deeper and long lasting. Sunburn can be quite painful and can cause severe sickness, if standard protocol is not observed.

Beach Boys, Touts, Taxi drivers & Three Wheelers

Please be aware of the growing number of beach touts and taxi drivers around the resort, as they will offer various excursions at low prices. The majority of these people are very genuine but your safety is our number one concern. We do realise that excursions are expensive, but everything is included in our prices, including a top quality guide (with tourist board license so they are able to enter the sights with you), excellent hotels, all entrance fees, meals and insurance. We also conduct mini tours for two or four people so a personal service is guaranteed. Above all, we ensure that the quality of our excursions is of the highest possible standards. Be cautious with three wheel drivers, before you get into three wheeler, please ensure you speak the price & get in and give them the right direction. They will demand money unnecessarily.

Travel Time

Travel time between tourist areas is much longer than one anticipates. This reflects a combination of poor roads (especially outside the main A designated highways), heavy traffic (watch out especially for the fast, frequent, ‘Monarch of the Road’ inter-city busses and the slow moving, stinky heavy goods and agricultural vehicles) plus the general lack of vehicle and pedestrian discipline and/or, outside Colombo, traffic lights. Even travelling with car and private driver, average travel times of only 30-40 kms per hour are common; exception are the two Expressways.

Currency Exchange

Changing Money – There are lots of Western Union Money transfer places where you can change any currency. They particularly don’t ask for your passport at these places. The best rate for any currency was at the banking counter in at airport. You can exchange foreign currencies at local authorized money changer or hotels.

Sight Seeing

Places of interest are far off from each other and located all over the country. So it is better to book hotels likewise. It is advisable to book hotels near to the places of interest so that you can spend time enjoying the place. Don’t miss Sigiriya and (if you are in season, December-May) Adam’s peak. Water sports facilities are also good and well maintained in Bentota.